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September 2013
Ras Gas Co Ltd (RasGas) has achieved an unprecidented 88 million work hours without an LTI (lost time incident). As a recognition to the part Readymix Qatar have played in this achievement the company were presented with a commemorative plaque.

August 2013
On the back of the Readymix group's entrance to the Lafarge's H&S Excellence Club as a gold member, RMQ surpassed another milestone of 13 Million Man Hours successfully operating with Zero lost time injuries.

July 2013
Agilia takes a step in Readymix Qatar and leaves a mark behind in Qatar. Agilia™ is specifically designed to provide maximum performance, quality and durability. Click here for more information on Agilia™ Products.
July 2013
The Artevia튉 range of full body coloured concrete continue to impress. Over 8,500 m2 of the product placed in Qatar this year.
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July 2013
Excellence Club Gold Award.
The Readymix Qatar Group of companies have been awarded the highest accolade available by Lafarge.
July 2013
Construction Sites.
Readymix Qatar appears in the July 2013 edition of Construction Sites.
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Creating products that are durable and easy to use respond to customer needs and anticipate future demands are just some of the challenges which Readymix Qatar and Lafarge's research and development teams face as they work to develop innovative products which give excellent value to all of customers.

Readymix Qatar and Lafarge concrete products respond to customers' expectations for robustness, resistance, durability, esthetics and control of setting and hardening. The company offers different concrete formulations - from conventional to made-to-measure - so every construction site has the right concrete to meet its needs!

Ultra™ Series

Ultra Series™
Ultra™ Series and is the latest in concrete family products exclusively from LAFARGE and READYMIX QATAR 
No other concrete supplier in the State of Qatar produces this wide range of high quality products using the largest and most prominent ready mix concrete supply network

Ultra Series™ Fluid
Dynamic high flow and workable concrete ideal for piling, high rise pumping and structures with difficult concrete access
High benefit for the customer in terms of speed and low installed cost


Ultra Series™ High Strength Concrete
Ready mix concrete designed with strength from 60 N to more than 100 N Tailored technical mix designs according of the customer needs
Click here to download the product data sheet

Ultra Series™ Low Heat
Ready mix concrete technical design based on high quality cement replacement, reducing core temperature hea
Click here to download the product data sheet


Ultra Series™ Watertight
An integrated full bodied waterproofing system that protects the concrete from water penetration
Ideal for foundations, basements and structures in continuous contact with water or abrasive environments
Click here to download the product data sheet

Ultra Series™ Screed

Protective concrete ideal for self leveling over slabs, floors and foundatio
Click here to download the product data sheet

Ultra Series™ PP Fibers (Polypropylene Fibers)
Ideal concrete for industrial floors, driveways, pathways and very thin applications with large surface areas
Reduce time, cost & increase durability and quality
Click here to download the product data sheet

Ultra Series™ Accelerated
Early high strength concrete reducing formwork striking time

Pavement Concrete
Complies with highway specification, ideal for industrial, roads and heavy duty application

Ultra Series™ Stabilized Mortar
Ultra Series Stabilized Mortar is a ready to use masonry mortar delivered to the jobsite by a Readymix Qatar truck mixer.

The mortar will allow excellent workability for up to 30 hours depending on your product selection.

Click here to download the product data sheet


Launched in 2004 by Lafarge and in 2010 by Readymix Qatar, Artevia® is a range of decorative concretes for outdoor applications.

Artevia® is more than a simple concrete. Is a unique design material with all the advantages of the conventional readymix concrete like: stre

Artevia® concretes offer many advantages:

  • Excellent adaptation to complex shapes
  • Quick installation and low maintenance
  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • Creative freedom with a wide choice of colors and surface appearance

Artevia® makes it possible to obtain esthetically-pleasing surface effects. For example

Artevia® Colour
Integral through-colour concrete
Artevia ® Color is a collection of coloured concretes in a broad palette of tones.
Click here to download the product data sheet

• Enhance architectural features
• Highlight demarcation zones
• Identify underground utilities and services
• Building façades
• Textured concrete
• Precast

Artevia® Print
Coloured concrete for pattern imprinting

Artevia® Print is an incredibly lifelike range of textured pavements, stone and natural effect finishes

• All concrete flat work and pavements
• Drives and paths
• Patios, terraces
• Internal floors

Click here to download the product data sheet

Artevia® Exposed

Exposed aggregate concrete
Artevia™ Exposed is a trustworthy and robust exterior concrete.

Click here to download the product data sheet


• Courtyards
• Driveways
• Poolside areas
• Terraces
• Paths and parkland promenades
• Ramped areas
• Town centre pedestrian areas
• Cityscapes

Artevia® Polished

Exposed aggregate concrete
Artevia™ Polish has a smooth texture like polished marble that is silky to the touch and elegant at first sight.

Click here to download the product data sheet

• Museums and hotels
• Industrial floors
• Restaurants & stations
• High-volume traffic areas
• Showrooms
• Retail outlets and shopping malls
• All internal concrete floors

For referential information you can get access to the Artevia ® website from Lafarge Concrete UK:


Based on Performance, Quality and Innovation, Readymix Qatar and Lafarge are constantly developing world class products to suit the market requirements

Agilia™ spreads effortlessly – “a revolution on the worksite”. Its fluid texture eliminates the tiresome and noisy chore of vibrating concrete to make it spread regularly. This easy to use concrete flows into the smallest nooks, matching any shape perfectly. It is Robust and Aesthetically pleasing.

Agilia™ is a product designed to save customers' time and money in the construction process

Agilia™ advantages

• Reduced efforts on site
• Faster placing process
• High-quality outstanding finish
• Fewer pouring points
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Perfectly flat for slabs and floors
• No vibration required

Agilia™ Innovation

Agilia™ mix design stems from tight control on two seemingly opposite physical properties:

fluidity and stability.

Fluidity is necessary to provide easy concrete placement and a high-quality finish with minimum effort. At the same time, it can increase segregation, which can lead to uneven hardened material, cracks and blemishes. On the other hand, Stability is necessary to prevent segregation but can lead to high viscosity and poor placement. Reconciling these two opposite requirements is a further challenge since fresh concrete is subject to a wide variety of mechanical stresses from the batching plant to placement depending on the process, environment and application.

Agilia™ offers a robust solution based on granular packing concepts and on the latest discoveries in organic chemistry, mineral chemistry and fluid mechanics applied to fresh concrete.

Click here to download Agilia™ Brochure

Readymix Qatar provides a complete range of Agilia™ products to the needs of each worksite application, with mechanical or aesthetic benefits.

Agilia™ Horizontal’s finishing characteristics and high fluidity will produce excellent surface finish with minimal labour

Agilia™ Vertical offers exceptional quality on vertical applications without remedial work.

Agilia™ Foundation Is a superior quality concrete that reduces labour overheads on site –typically one man can place, level and finish the concrete

Agilia™ Architectural Is an excellent self compacting concrete for high performance finishes

Agilia™ is available in a spectrum of colours to perfectly blend with the landscape.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact the Sales team or technical center.

Ductal®, the ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete
Created in 2000, Ductal® concrete offers exceptional performance:

  • compressive resistance 6 to 8 times greater than that of traditional concrete,
  • flexural strength 10 times greater than that of traditional concrete,
  • high ductility,
  • fluidity and ease of pour,
  • longevity 2 to 3 times longer than that of conventional concrete: Ductal® is highly resistant to corrosion, abrasion and shocks.

Click here to received more information about Ductal


More Information About Concrete

Manufacturing concrete – a liquid stone

Concrete is a living material. It is a fresh liquid product which must be consumed locally (within 50km) and quickly (within 2 hours) since it has a limited shelf life.

It is extracted from natural resources:

Aggregates (gravel and sand): infinitely varied, they form the main component of concrete. Extracted from the ground, they are available in large quantities throughout the world.

Water: very little is needed to make concrete (just 20cl for 1 litre of concrete on average), and research has made it possible to reduce its use even further. Water serves to activate the bond between the aggregates in concrete, by hydrating the cement. It is recycled in the concrete manufacturing process.

Cement: the crucial link in concrete. It is essentially composed of limestone, which represents 10% to 15% of the mixture.

Other elements can be added to the concrete ‘recipe':

Additives and superplasticizers: these ensure the fluidity of the concrete and make it possible to reduce the quantity of water required. Other additives enhance the properties of concrete.

Pigment: this gives concrete its colour and enables a huge variety of aesthetic finishes.

Concrete is now manufactured to measure and there are more than 500 different formulas, all produced to a consistently high quality in cutting-edge plants. These formulas make it possible to offer customers a bespoke concrete that meets their demands for resistance, aesthetics, workability, and hardening time.

At the heart of concrete – scientific research

Concrete may appear to be very simple. But the advances in modern concretes mean that now they can be studied scientifically revealing the material's considerable development potential.

The last 20 years have seen the introduction of innovative high-tech concretes with wide-ranging properties, opening new perspectives for the use of concrete. This new technological era has been possible thanks to:

  • The pooling of scientific knowledge: chemistry, rheology, physics, mechanics of construction materials, micromechanics,
  • Entering the digital age: new instruments such as nuclear magnetic resonance, electron microscopy, nanoindentation, and atomic force microscopy make it possible to expand knowledge of concrete down to a nanoscale.

Developments in concrete create endless possibilities

Far from its grey image, concrete has become a material which lends itself to all sorts of architectural projects, especially with its ability to take on many different shapes, colours and textures.

Concrete should not be seen just seen in terms of architectural purposes - its inherent properties allow the material to be successfully used in many different structures, including bridges resistant to the strongest winds and tower blocks with the most effective anti-earthquake facilities.

Concrete can also be used in the construction of quality, low-cost homes - the use of superior concretes (including self-compacting Agilia® and fast-setting Chronolia™) is being studied around the world, including here in the UK.

Concrete and the future - all aboard for sustainable construction!

At a time when towns and cities are considering more sustainable ways of developing, concrete has a promising future as a material which is reliable, economic and environmentally-friendly. It is also important in rural areas to open up road networks and develop infrastructures.

Concrete is a material of the future

  • It has significant economic advantages: manufactured locally, it encourages the creation of local jobs,
  • It plays an important social role: concrete brings people together in every day life through the infrastructures it is used to build,
  • It has wide-ranging environmental advantages: concrete has a favourable carbon and energy footprint as it is a simple mixture and uses little energy to manufacture and use,
  • Concrete is recyclable and can be produced using recycled materials.

The research also encourages a better understanding of concrete as a material integrated into the construction cycle. Avoiding thermal bridges, reducing the energy consumption of buildings, optimizing the recycling and demolition of constructions: these are all factors that make concrete the best ally in sustainable construction!


The group is convinced that sustained economic growth cannot occur without social progress, environmental protection, and respect for local communities.

Learn about the Group's values, its sustainable development priorities and its daily operations in the field.

Sustainability Report  2012

Contribute to better cities

Housing programs that are accessible to everyone and infrastructures that stand up to the passage of time and protect the environment, along with bridges, roads and airports that connect cities and their inhabitants. Our materials, services and innovative building systems contribute to building cities that offer more housing and are more compact, more durable, more beautiful and better connected. In a word, better cities!

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By signing an initial partnership in 2000, Lafarge, the business partner of Readymix Qatar, became the WWF's leading industrial.
"Conservation Partner".
First renewed in 2005, a new partnership has been agreed in 2009 for 4 years. The objective remains the same: to formalize a shared ambition to combine economic constraints, environmental respect and respect for people.
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