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September 2013
Ras Gas Co Ltd (RasGas) has achieved an unprecidented 88 million work hours without an LTI (lost time incident). As a recognition to the part Readymix Qatar have played in this achievement the company were presented with a commemorative plaque.

August 2013
On the back of the Readymix group's entrance to the Lafarge's H&S Excellence Club as a gold member, RMQ surpassed another milestone of 13 Million Man Hours successfully operating with Zero lost time injuries.

July 2013
Agilia takes a step in Readymix Qatar and leaves a mark behind in Qatar. Agilia™ is specifically designed to provide maximum performance, quality and durability. Click here for more information on Agilia™ Products.
July 2013
The Artevia튉 range of full body coloured concrete continue to impress. Over 8,500 m2 of the product placed in Qatar this year.
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July 2013
Excellence Club Gold Award.
The Readymix Qatar Group of companies have been awarded the highest accolade available by Lafarge.
July 2013
Construction Sites.
Readymix Qatar appears in the July 2013 edition of Construction Sites.
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Ready Mix Qatar is Qatar’s leading producer ready mix concrete. The company ready mix concrete products and other construction and infrastructure materials, serving the needs of many contracting firms in Qatar. Operating twenty four batching plants in fourteen different locations, complemented with 167 large capacity concrete truckmixers, 35 cement tankers and 33 concrete pumps,


Readymix Qatar does more than just delivering ready mix products, it hopes to grow is distribution network capitalizing on the expert skills of its qualified workforce made up of Engineers and production workers. The local operation in Doha was established to become a leading foothold in Qatar, where it is complemented by sister firms Quarry
Qatar Company and Qatar Precast Company LLC. All three companies helped solidify the strategic positioning of Readymix Qatar in the construction industry.


Since its inception the company has successfully been the supplier to many major projects, Ras Laffan Industrial City, Nakilat Shipyard, Education City for Qatar Foundation, Qatar Primary Route North Road package and the new cement works for Gulf Cement in Umm Bab are to name a few current operations with many more in the pipeline.

Readymix Qatar has carried out pioneering work in the use of microsilica, PFA & GGBS based concrete mixes, which now have become widely accepted to counter the aggressive conditions encountered by concrete structures in the Gulf Region.

The company has fully equipped laboratories at each location with fully trained technical staff that are familiar with Quality Assurance schemes to BS 5750 (ISO 9002) and is currently preparing for ISO 9000 certification.

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Established in 1977, Ready Mix Qatar LLC grew to become a leading producer and marketer of high quality ready mix concrete. The growing market for ready mix concrete demand brought about by the surging construction boom in Doha and the rest of the Middle East. Ready Mix Qatar emerged a major company when it comes to construction and infrastructure buildings and has developed along with Lafarge a number of readymix concrete products including Ultra™ Series and Artevia ®

Ultra Series™ is the latest on concrete products and includes a complete range of solutions according of the customer requirements such as Ultra Series™ Poly Fibers, Ultra Series™ Fluid, Ultra Series™ Watertight, Ultra Series™ Low Heat, Ultra™ High Strength, Ultra Series™ Screed, Ultra Series™ Stabilized Mortar between others.

Artevia ® is specially designed to reveals the creative potential of concrete: decorative and aesthetic, for both indoor and outdoor use. The range includes Artevia ® Colour, Artevia ® Print, Artevia ® Exposed and Artevia ® Polish

The new concrete technology used in Agilia™ products allows for placing without difficulty, providing excellent quality concrete with outstanding surface finishes. Agilia™ gives flexibility on worksites at all levels, for all types of applications (foundations, toppings, horizontal and vertical structures and architectural finishes)

Based on Performance, Quality and Innovation, READYMIX QATAR and LAFARGE are constantly developing world class products to suit the market requirements

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Notable Contracts
As the market leader in Qatar, Readymix Qatar is the supplier of the main construction and infrastructure projects in the country

Readymix Qatar Technical Center

Please, click here to find all the information about the Readymix Qatar Technical Center, the high quality standards, the quality policy and the technical support that we provide to our customers

Lafarge Research & innovation

Lafarge's research orientation is driven by customers' needs. Understanding how customers use its products enables Lafarge to develop innovative, high-performance solutions. Lafarge research and marketing teams build close relationships with the construction industry to create breakthrough products that add value for everyone.

One example: Artevia®, a range of decorative outdoor concretes, is among more than 500 different formulations of concrete Lafarge has developed in response to customers' expectations for robustness, resistance, durability, aesthetics and control of setting and hardening.

Lafarge R&D is organised to optimise research while responding through development to the needs of local markets.

The Lafarge Research Centre (LCR), the world's leading research centre for building materials, located in L'Isle d'Abeau, France is staffed by 200 researchers and houses state-of-the art labs, pilot workshops, and buildings for large-scale testing. LCR works closely with Readymix Qatar in order to development new innovative products to the Qatar market and improve quality standards and procedures.

Concrete R&D is firmly focused on customer needs and seeks to:

  • Improve industrial processes.
  • Implement "rugged", consistent concrete formulas. Rugged concrete retains all of its qualities, even when working conditions change,
  • Develop the concretes of the future:
  • Concrete with optimized qualities, so customers can use robust, aesthetic, made-to-measure products which resist fissuring and save energy through enhanced thermal inertia.
  • Concrete suited to all applications, so customers can choose a concrete according to its end use (slab, wall, etc.).

The group is convinced that sustained economic growth cannot occur without social progress, environmental protection, and respect for local communities.

Learn about the Group's values, its sustainable development priorities and its daily operations in the field.

Sustainability Report  2012

Contribute to better cities

Housing programs that are accessible to everyone and infrastructures that stand up to the passage of time and protect the environment, along with bridges, roads and airports that connect cities and their inhabitants. Our materials, services and innovative building systems contribute to building cities that offer more housing and are more compact, more durable, more beautiful and better connected. In a word, better cities!

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By signing an initial partnership in 2000, Lafarge, the business partner of Readymix Qatar, became the WWF's leading industrial.
"Conservation Partner".
First renewed in 2005, a new partnership has been agreed in 2009 for 4 years. The objective remains the same: to formalize a shared ambition to combine economic constraints, environmental respect and respect for people.
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